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  • What is the difference between a contactor and a relay

    Nowadays, there are many electrical accessories on the market, each of which has a certain range of use and functions, and contactors and relays are the two types that are easy to confuse. So, what is the difference between a contactor and a relay? What should I pay attention to when using a rela...
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  • Components of AC contactor

    Contactor is an electromagnetic automatic switch. It is an automatic electrical appliance that relies on electromagnetic force to close or separate contacts. It is used to connect or disconnect the motor or other electrical equipment circuits. It is suitable for connecting or disconnecting AC/DC ...
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  • The difference between MCB/MCCB/ACB/RCD/RCCB/RCBO

    The difference between MCB/MCCB/ACB/RCD/RCCB/RCBO MCB: Miniature circuit breaker MCCB: Molded Case Circuit Breaker ACB: Universal (frame type) circuit breaker circuit breaker DZ5 RCD: Residual current device (Residual current device), a general term for all leakage protection. RCCB: Residual cur...
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  • What is the operating principle of the circuit breaker?

    The circuit breaker is a very basic low-voltage apparatus. The circuit breaker has overload, short circuit and undervoltage protection functions, and has the ability to protect lines and power supplies.? The usage and function of air switch and circuit breaker are similar! Only the air switch is ...
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  • What happens if the circuit breaker fails to close after tripping?

    Almost everyone has experienced a circuit breaker tripping, and there are certainly not a few people who have seen it fail to close after a trip. People often ask why the gate will not close (can’t move)? In fact, for household users, there are only two possibilities for household small cir...
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  • AC Contactor Introduction

    AC Contactor Introduction

    1 Introduction A contactor is an automatically controlled electrical appliance used to make or break AC and DC main and control circuits. The KM symbol, whose main control object is the motor, can also be used for other electrical loads, such as electric heaters, welding machines, etc. 2. The dif...
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  • How does the leakage circuit breaker work

    Leakage circuit breaker is mainly composed of zero sequence current transformer, electronic component board, leakage release and circuit breaker with overload and short-circuit protection. The leakage protection part of leakage circuit breaker is composed of zero sequence current transformer (sen...
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  • B type RCBO

    Product introduction JVL29-63 is applicable to residual operating current with rated voltage 230V/400V,frequency 50/60HZ and rated current up to 63A. It is used to perform the human electricity shock protection as well as over current protection and short circuit protection for line equipment in ...
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  • Daily Court Digest: Major Environmental Ordinances (August 31, 2022)

    Down To Earth brings you the top environmental cases from the Supreme Court, the High Court and the National Green Court. “); o.document.close(); setTimeout(function() { window.frames.printArticleFrame.focus(); window.frames.printArticleFrame.print(); document.body.removeChild(a); }, 1000) ...
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  • August 25 | Rochester Concert Orchestra, 2022-2023 season

    Rochester Hills, Michigan, August 21 – The Rochester Community Concert Band is pleased to announce concert dates for the 2022-2023 season. RCCB will begin rehearsals for the season on Tuesday 6 September and are looking for new members. Any interested wind or percussion musician should cont...
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  • BS7671 Amendment 2-704 RCD protection: structure and

    The use of poorly maintained or outdated electrical equipment in hazardous environments exposes workers and visitors to the risk of electrical shock, especially if they are in direct contact with the ground. Rely on RCDs for added protection against faults. Many existing switchboards installed on...
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  • What is the role of circuit breakers

    What is the role of circuit breakers

    When the system software fails, the common fault components protect the posture, and the circuit breaker actually operates the common fault to reject the trip, the adjacent circuit breaker of the substation will protect the trip according to the common fault components. If the conditions do not a...
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